Pre-Hispanic Peru :

Thanks to the dryness of its soil, Peru is the only pre-Columbian area where works and artefacts made from wood and textiles can be found in good condition outside of terracotta and precious metals. The Andean cultures which developed in that long coastal region (Chavin, Paracas, Huari, Nazca, Mochica, Lambayeque, Viru, Chimu, Chancay and Inca, among others) left us a lot of evidence of a fairly refined and sophisticated society and artefacts of incredible modernity.

Huari Deity holding a Kero
tembladera chavin vessel
lambayeke gold mask
Painted nazca vase
Chancay deer and llama
Vase étrier Chavin
Bundle mask in wood with textile
Vase étrier Chimu au personnage